Introduction to Automata, Formal Languages, and Computation

Semester: WS21, SS21, WS20, SS20, WS19, SS19, WS18, SS18, WS17, SS17
Dozenten/Betreuer: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Mauerer
Studiengruppe: Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern – Online


Mathematical Preliminaries
Graph theory — set theory

Finite Automata
Deterministic finite automata — non-deterministic finite automata

Regular Expressions and Languages
Regular expressions & languages — equivalence of DFA, NFA and regular expressions — properties of regular languages — pumping lemma for regular languages — efficient state minimisation

Context-Free Grammars and Languages
Context-free grammars and languages — parse trees — normal forms — pumping lemma for CFL — properties of CFL

Pushdown Automata
Pushdown automata — equivalence of PDA and context-free languages — CYK algorithm

Turing Machines and Computability
Turing machines — extensions of Turing machines — computability & Church Turing-hypothesis — alternative models of computation (programming languages) — halting problem

Complexity Theory
Definitions — complexity classes — class NP