Open Source Contributions

The LfD, extensively engaged in Linux, has made significant contributions to the kernel by submitting patches that encompass bug fixes as well as the introduction of new features.
2015 - today Jailhouse
The LfD improved the static partitioning Hypervisor Jailhouse and ported the originally developed for the x86 architecture to the ARM and the RISC-V architecture.
2022 - today Grinch
Grinch is an inhouse developed minimalistic operating system for educational purposes and research.
2013 - today Codeface
Analyser for software projects.
2016 - 2023 PaStA
Tool for tracking the evolution of OSS projects that use a mail-based workflow.
2021 cdbench
Benchmarking tool.
2019 Mail Archiver
A simple maildir to public inbox (git) converter.
2017 WS2801 Linux userspace driver
Many WS2801 libraries are written in Python or are proprietary. This driver is a Linux driver, and support arbitrary GPIOs and does not depend on SPI devices.
2016 Ardupilot
Open-source software stack was developed for distributed industrial systems, demonstrated by a prototype using a multicopter.
2014 libtrevisan
Trevisan extractor. Transforms a “weakly random” distribution into an almost uniform distribution.
2005 CQPL
Compiler and runtime/simulation environment for a quantum programming language capable of handling quantum communication

Reproducible Publications


To Appear VLDB Workshop A*
Quantum Optimisation of General Join Trees
Martin Gogeißl, Hila Safi, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the International Workshop on Quantum Data Science and Management2024.
PDF Reproduction Package [BibTex]
To Appear IEEE Conference
Polynomial Reduction Methods and their Impact on QAOA Circuits
Lukas Schmidbauer, Karen Wintersperger, Elisabeth Lobe, Wolfgang MauererIEEE International Conference on Quantum Software (QSW)2024.
PDF Reproduction Package [BibTex]
Hype or Heuristic? Quantum Reinforcement Learning for Join Order Optimisation
Maja Franz, Tobias Winker, Sven Groppe, Wolfgang Mauerer2024.
PDF Reproduction Package [BibTex]
CHEP Conference
Co-Design of Quantum Hardware and Algorithms in Nuclear and High Energy Physics
Maja Franz, PĂ­a Zurita, Markus Diefenthaler, Wolfgang MauererEPJ Web of Conf.2952024.
PDF 10.1051/epjconf/202429512002 Reproduction Package [BibTex]


VLDB Conference A*
Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealing for Join Ordering
Manuel Schönberger, Immanuel Trummer, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the VLDB Endowment2023.
PDF 10.14778/3632093.3632112 Reproduction Package [BibTex]
IEEE Conference
Effects of Imperfections on Quantum Algorithms: A Software Engineering Perspective
Felix Greiwe, Tom KrĂŒger, Wolfgang Mauerer2023 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Software (QSW)2023.
PDF 10.1109/QSW59989.2023.00014 Reproduction Package [BibTex]
IEEE Conference
Influence of HW-SW-Co-Design on Quantum Computing Scalability
Hila Safi, Karen Wintersperger, Wolfgang Mauerer2023 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Software (QSW)2023.
PDF 10.1109/QSW59989.2023.00022 Reproduction Package [BibTex]
ACM Conference A*
Ready to Leap (by Co-Design)? Join Order Optimisation on Quantum Hardware
Manuel Schönberger, Stefanie Scherzinger, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of ACM SIGMOD/PODS International Conference on Management of Data2023.
PDF 10.1145/3588946 Reproduction Package [BibTex]


QPU-System Co-Design for Quantum HPC Accelerators
Karen Wintersperger, Hila Safi, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the 35th GI/ITG International Conference on the Architecture of Computing SystemsGesellschaft fĂŒr Informatik2022.
PDF 10.1007/978-3-031-21867-5_7 Reproduction Package [BibTex]
Journal 4.45
Uncovering Instabilities in Variational-Quantum Deep Q-Networks
Maja Franz, Lucas Wolf, Maniraman Periyasamy, Ch. Ufrecht, D. Scherer, A. Plinge, Ch. Mutschler, Wolfgang MauererJournal of The Franklin InstituteElsevier (Open Access)2022.
PDF 10.1016/j.jfranklin.2022.08.021 Reproduction Package [BibTex]
ICSA Workshop A
Peel | Pile? Cross-Framework Portability of Quantum Software
Manuel Schönberger, Maja Franz, Stefanie Scherzinger, Wolfgang Mauerer2022 IEEE 19th International Conference on Software Architecture Companion (ICSA-C)2022.
PDF 10.1109/ICSA-C54293.2022.00039 Reproduction Package [BibTex]


TSE Journal A*
In Search of Socio-Technical Congruence: A Large-Scale Longitudinal Study
Wolfgang Mauerer, Mitchell Joblin, Damian A. Tamburri, Carlos Paradis, Rick Kazman, Sven Apel{IEEE} Transactions on Software EngineeringIEEE Computer Society2021.
PDF 10.1109/TSE.2021.3082074 Reproduction Package [BibTex]


CF A Best Video
Approximate Approximation on a Quantum Annealer
Irmi Sax, Sebastian Feld, Sebastian Zielinski, Thomas Gabor, Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the 17th ACM International Conference on Computing FrontiersAssociation for Computing Machinery2020Best Video.
PDF 10.1145/3387902.3392635 Reproduction Package [BibTex]


ICSE Conference A*
The List is the Process: Reliable Pre-Integration Tracking of Commits on Mailing Lists
Ralf Ramsauer, Daniel Lohmann, Wolfgang MauererProceedings of the 41st International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '19)2019.
PDF Raw Data 10.1109/ICSE.2019.00088 Reproduction Package [BibTex]